The Latest from Seen and Heard: IDD Community

We’ve been hard at work this month! We posted 3 new videos. 

Logan talking about flirting

This month we learned about:

When Flirting Fails

  • Our ally, Logan, shares about a bad situation with flirting.
  • He talks about what happens to his friendship after his mistake.  

Language of Love

  • Lisa talks about her relationship.
  • Lisa tells us about the value of communicating.


  • James talks about a recent sexual assault in the news.
  • He talks about the importance of boundaries.

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The Latest from Seen and Heard: IDD Community

We’ve been hard at work this month! We posted 2 new videos. 

This month we learned about:

How To Turn Someone Down

  • Our ally, Lisa, shares about how to turn someone down.
  • She talks about when flirting crosses boundaries.

Friendly or Flirty

  • Logan talks about how friendliness and flirting can look alike.
  • Logan tells us about a time he got flirting and friendly confused.

We also shared our SWSW EDU session on our Youtube channel.

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Lift Up Self-Advocate Voices at SXSW EDU 2023!

Thanks for joining us for Amplifying Self-Advocate Voices with Storytelling by James Meadours. We are thrilled to be a part of SXSW EDU 2023.

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The Latest from Seen and Heard: IDD Community

Logan talking about flirting.

This month we learned about:

Hiding Sexual Assault

James shared problems he had talking about his sexual assault. He was afraid to talk to his parents or others. He felt scared and overwhelmed.


Our ally, Logan, shared his thoughts on flirting.  Logan talks about how you can tell if someone is flirting or just being friendly.

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Build Your Life with Virtual Peer Support!

Our peer support specialists have been hard at work. We’ve posted three new videos to our YouTube channel. Check out our Virtual Peer Support playlist:

  • Intro to Peer Support
  • Employment Peer Support
  • Transportation Peer Support

You’ll learn how these things can help you build the life you want. You’ll learn how to get services in Texas. Most of all, you’ll be inspired by our team’s stories!

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Special thanks to Cara Weber, Shelbi Davenport, James Meadours, Anand Iyer, and Adrean Avilla!

Texas Partners in Policymaking Now Accepting Applications

Texas Partners in Policymaking (Partners) is now accepting applications for the 2023-2024 program year. The application period opened on Jan. 26, 2023, and will close on March 25, 2023.

Partners is an innovative statewide leadership development program for people with developmental disabilities (DD) and family members of people with DD. During the training program, participants learn from local and national experts about topics such as:

  • community living
  • disability history
  • employment
  • inclusive education
  • the Texas Legislature, and more

Participants will also learn tactics and strategies to advocate for disability issues and impact policy change. In addition, participants complete a capstone project of their choosing that impacts their community. 

Graduates often serve on boards, councils, task forces, and advisory committees. Some run for elected office. Partners aims to advance systems change — creating, working toward, and achieving a vision of shared values regarding people with disabilities in communities across Texas. 

The program consists of six two-day training sessions held monthly from September to April. There is no cost to participate in the program and Texas residents are eligible to apply. The deadline to apply is Friday, March 25, 2023.To learn more about the program, visit the Apply webpage on the Texas Partners in Policymaking website. For additional updates, you can follow Partners on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Lessons from the Peer Support “Dream Team”

Peer Support Specialists Ashley Sattler, Katie Sheffield, and Lisa Simmons presented with Project Director Cynthia Burrow at The Arc of the US’s 2022 National Convention in November. The session was titled “Building Better Lives Together: Peer Support that Works.” We shared our successes and challenges with a packed room. Many people were already working to bring peer support to their states. Many were excited to start the process.

If you missed our session and want to learn more, visit the Our Resources page and download our PowerPoint presentation under the “Peer Support” category. Or, email Cynthia Burrow to learn more.

The Latest from Seen and Heard: IDD Community

This month, James taught us about:

Let Loved Ones Challenge Themselves

  • How families can encourage people with IDD to challenge themselves
  • Let them figure out who they are

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Get Inspired in Denver!

The Peer Support Specialists team is presenting at The Arc’s 2023 Annual Convention in Denver, CO this week. Our session is called Building Better Lives Together: Peer Support that Works! We will share our challenges and successes. We hope to inspire others to try peer support.

Our session is Friday, 11/11, at 10:15 AM. If you can’t make it, you can view our slide deck on our Resources page.