Make Your Voice Heard

Texas Mental Health Survey

We are helping Texas improve mental health services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We know people need better mental health care. You can help!

To start, we need Self-Advocates, family members, friends, and professionals to tell us about mental health needs.

If you are not a self-advocate, please take the survey as if you are.

Encuesta de salud mental de Texas

Estamos ayudando a Texas a mejorar los servicios de salud mental para personas con discapacidades intelectuales y del desarrollo. Sabemos que las personas necesitan una mejor atención de salud mental. ¡Puedes ayudar!

Para empezar, necesitamos auto defensores, familiares, amigos y profesionales que nos informen sobre las necesidades de salud mental.

Si usted no es un auto defensor, responda la encuesta como si lo fuera.

Important Notes

This survey was created with lots of help by Texas Self-Advocates.
This project is funded by the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities.

Notas Importantes

Esta encuesta fue creada con mucha ayuda de los auto defensores de Texas.
Este proyecto está financiado por el Consejo de Texas para Discapacidades del Desarrollo.

2 thoughts on “Make Your Voice Heard”

  1. Self-Advocates and Autistics, we need you! PEOPLE FIRST LANGUAGE – Autistics is not people first language.
    Families, friends, and professionals, we need you! – As a professional, when I tried to take the survey, as soon as I clicked NO I do not have a disability, it kicked me out of the survey. How can families, friends, and professionals be needed if this happens?

    1. Thanks for your feedback! While not part of official People First language, the term “autistics” was selected by people with autism who developed our survey. As language evolves, we look to people with disabilities to define their identities and their preferences for labels. We understand that not all people with autism may prefer this particular term, but again, defer to the self-advocates we work with to make this decision. So you’ll see official People First language in most of our work unless a self-advocate has selected the term to be used.

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